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If you find yourself in need of tinted glass services for your automobile then you’ve found the right place! With over 20 years experience in the business, The Tint Company provides the highest quality window tinting installation services throughout the Albuquerque, New Mexico area . With our state of the art equipment and broad selection of tint shades, our team of experts will provide you with flawless tinting services! Is your vehicle suffering from peeling, faded, bubbling, or off-color tint? In addition to our tinting installation, we also offer film removal and fix.

A great Tint job can take your vehicle to the next level

Quality Car Window Tinting 

The top three reasons that cause these irregularities to develop are: old tint, the film is of low quality, or it was poorly installed. Having irregularities in your window tinting is unattractive and serve no benefit to you. Here at The Tint Company we will remove all irregularities with fresh new film, giving your vehicle a great new look. As leading providers in the window tinting industry, we ensure quality results and unparalleled rates! Give us a call today (505) 888-0022

Cost efficient automotive window tint is very important to consumers. The Tint Company adds a stylish touch of character to your truck or van’s overall look. Also offering shade, there is less potential for sun damage to both you and your vehicles interior. We have a large variety of tint shades and provide expert opinion when selecting shades and coverage. The Tint Company mission is to supply the highest quality window tinting services and products. Contact us today to get started on all your vehicles window tinting needs! Our Mobile Service is also available for your convenience.