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Applying Window Tint to your home windows is beneficial in many aspects from sun rays, security, and privacy. Window Tint will automatically stop Ultraviolet Rays by 99% which are the rays that cause the most damage to your furnishing, drapery, flooring, painting, etc. Additionally, window tint will reject the outside heat and keep it out allowing for efficient temperature control. With clear film you can stop the heat by 47% and with a darker film you can stop the heat by up to 85%. Both of these films still allow light in, so your views will not be obstructed. 

Most of the films are applied on the inside of the window, and installed with a limited life time manufacturer's warranty. Savings on your Utility Bills is the most important aspect of getting residential Window Tinting! Glass Tint provides an estimated 30% savings on your energy bills.

If you are looking for ways to save energy in your home you may want to consider that your windows are likely one of the most inefficient areas in your home. One good solution for this is window film from The Tint CompanyContact us today! (505) 888-0022

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